Low-Cost Homemade Wi-Fi Booster from Copper Wire

Having a strong and fast wi-fi signal is definitely important for a lot of people. And it is especially in this modern technology era which everything is related to the internet. Many people won’t bother too much with any homemade wi-fi booster and prefer to purchase a device and just install it easily. But, there are actually some pretty simple of wi-fi booster that can be made by yourself like a wi-fi booster homemade that made from the copper wire. Copper can be a good reflector of the radio waves that also usable for a wi-fi signal booster. If you want to know how to make it, just check the step below.

How to Make the Homemade Wi-Fi Booster from Copper Wire

What do you need :

•    50 inches of thicker copper wire

•    2 needle-nose pliers

•    Copper wire mesh 6 inches by 4 inches

•    Wire cutters

Step by Step Making the Copper Wire Wi-Fi Booster:

1.    The first step is to cut your copper wire into some pieces. They are two lengths of copper wire in 6 inches long, two lengths in 4 inches long, and six more lengths in 5 inches long.

2.    Next step is to create a rectangle shape of copper wire by laying the two pieces of 6 inches lengths copper wire into parallel to each other in 4 inches apart. Add one piece of 4 inches long on each of side.

3.    Connect the corners of the rectangle shape by twisting the two ends of the wire together with two turns of your wrist and just repeat for all four corners.

4.    From each other parallel to the short sides of the rectangle, you have to connect four pieces of 5 inches wire at an equal distance. Then, bend one-half of the wire around each of the long sides of the rectangle and twist it to hold the wire in place. Just repeat for all four pieces.

5.    Bend a loop in the middle of the remaining 5-inch pieces to fit around your router antenna. Loop the wire once around the antenna that can slip off the end by using two sets of pliers and just repeat it for your both wires.

6.    Make an arc form by curving your rectangle from the short wires, where the left and the right side have the same width as your loop wires. Bend and twist the ends of one of your loop wires over the short-side wires in 1 inch from the top of the rectangular on both sides. Repeat this step with the remaining loop wire 1 inch from the bottom of your rectangular.

7.    The last step, you have to wrap the copper wire mesh over the back side of your arced rectangle, slide the loop wires over the antenna and just point this copper wi-fi booster in the direcion you want that need to boost the wi-fi signal.

Choosing a homemade wi-fi booster is actually a smart and an effective way to boost your current wi-fi signal without worrying about over budget. It is such an easy step to make a copper wire wi-fi booster at home. Just prepare the required materials and follow the step by step on making the booster and you will get a better wi-fi signal for your devices.

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