Home made Wi-Fi Booster Aluminum Foil

So your wi-fi signal is getting weak in some corners of your house? And you don’t have enough budget to purchase the wi-fi booster devices? No worries, there are many home made wi-fi booster ideas that will help you on how to boost your wi-fi signal strength easily and affordable. And using aluminum foil is one of the simple and affordable tricks to improve your wi-fi signal. Here are the simple steps on how to make an aluminum foil as your homemade and low-cost wi-fi booster that definitely help you to boost your current wi-fi signal on your home or even office.

Why do You Have to Use Aluminum Foil as a home made wi-fi booster?

A slow or weak wi-fi signal is really annoying and installing a wi-fi booster mostly preferred a solution for improving the wi-fi signal. In fact, finding the right and compatible wi-fi booster can be a little bit confusing. Since, there are so many different types, designs and also prices of wi-fi signal booster are available on the market. And it can make you confused to choose the most ideal one. If you are going to get a wi-fi booster with a low cost, the aluminum foil wi-fi booster is the simple trick that really worth to try. Why do you have to choose the aluminum foil as your wi-fi booster? According to the study from some researchers, aluminum cans and aluminum foil can effectively boost your wireless signal in your home. The wi-fi signal that is transmitted from your router can be easily blocked by your home materials like concrete and metal. Using aluminum foil is helpful to reflect the signal direction into space where you need it.  You can easily get a better wi-fi signal signals from your router with this aluminum foil wi-fi booster.

What You Need to Make Aluminum Foil Wi-Fi Booster?

•    Aluminum Foil

•    Small Paper Box (your router box)

•    Your Router

•    Tape

•    Scissor

How to Make the Aluminum Foil Wi-Fi Booster?

1.    Prepare all of the things that needed to make the aluminum foil wi-fi booster

2.    The first step is to stick the aluminum foil on the surface of the box

3.    Create hole on your box by using the scissor

4.    Next, you just put the antenna into the box

5.    And the last step, cover the box with aluminum foil onto the antenna

Using aluminum foil as a home made wi-fi booster is such a pretty simple trick to boost your wi-fi signal that worth to try. This aluminum foil wi-fi booster is actually not only used for boosting your cellphone, but you can also create this booster for improving the wi-fi signal on the other devices like laptop, computer, and tablet. You can experiment to create this low-cost wi-fi booster when your wi-fi signal getting weak and just checked your wi-fi signal strength with and without the aluminum foil. Are you interesting to make it at home?

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