The Short History of the Internet

Thanks to the internet, we can access faster and accurate data from our comfort zone. Internet already becomes a part of our life. Internet has changed the way we live and think. All the problems can be solved by browsing the information through the internet. As the user of the internet, have you think about how was the internet invented? How is the history of internet from its beginning until today?

The Pioneer

One of the basic forms of the communication system which inspired the emergence of the internet is the telegraph system. This system was introduced in the 19th century or to be precisely 100 years before the internet use widely in 1990. The concept of the telegraph is by sending the data through the electromagnetic system, such as cable or wireless. However, this system is limited which only can be used to connect two devices at a time.

Some scientists tried to develop the transmission data and information theories which is later on becoming the fundamental of others theories in this field. Some progress in the development of the theories and the system are success, such as the wider extent and faster speed in transmitting. However, some difficulties are still existing because this transmitting system used cable which easily torn especially when there are a war.

The Progress

One of the biggest stimulant of the born of internet is the fierce competition between Soviet Union and United States. Soviet Union was launched the Sputnik satellite. This satellite launching has triggered United States to act on the possibility of the any leaks to information or secret data to the wrong hands. Therefore, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was formed to create a system which can help the U.S Government sending the data through the local network system which can protect the secret information.

ARPANET is another form of what we called today as internet. At that time ARPANET is limited for the limited members of the Defense Department and others academic which has certain contract with the Defense Department. In order to share the information on the other academic, another network is created. Internet is officially launched on 1 January 1983. The new protocol used to network sharing in the internet is called Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) or Internetwork Protocol (IP). This protocol allows various types of computers connect and communicate to each other.

Since then, the development of the internet experiences a rapid development which be able to link to any commercial network and integrated with any devices. More companies, public organizations, government organizations and other public offices used computers and internet to interact to one to another. The existence of the post mail, newspaper and radio are starting to change to the new forms, such as email, online music, internet phone, and others. The history of internet started with the formed of ARPANET by United States in 1960s. The Internet is officially born on 1 January 1983. Later on, the new progress of the internet has rapidly developed into new form of internet devices and services.